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About SDS Technologies

SDS Technologies Ltd. creates customized solutions by using  latest technology, robust design and excellent workmanship at an optimum cost for serving your needs in the areas of energy and water management:

  • SDS collaborates with

    Electrical Power Management through customized distribution & control systems.

    • Automation Panels
    • Motors and Motor Control Centers
    • Drives
    • Testing Services

    SDS brings you technology and expertise of the proven experts for six decades in water management providing products like:

    • Water treatment Equipment
    • Water treatment Chemical
    • Drinking water purifiers
    • Testing Kits
    • etc
    In association with one of the fastest growing names in Power Back Up systems providing world class Products. SDS brings you Power Back Up systems UPS, Inverters & Solar Batteries.As a commitment to environment friendly solutions SDS provides solar lighting systems, batteries and other equipment in area of solar energy.

    SDS provides you services on Energy Audits and support on improvising and upgrading installations for cost saving and smoother operations AND Consultancy services in Electrical Engineering, Rubber Technology and Management Systems ( QMS, EMS and FSMS) .


    During the course of its evolution, SDS has bonded with major companies that continue to form its esteemed clientele such as

    • Bakhresa Group( AZAM)
    • BIDCO
    • Cello Industries
    • Ngorongoro Conservation Area
    • SBC (T)Ltd
    • Shellys Pharmaceuticals
    • Tata Africa Holdings (T) Ltd
    • Zantel

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